B018 - Capsure DLS

CAPSURE is unique, makes handling faster and smoother and takes protection of bottles to a new level. The universal fitting is possible due to several different locking positions, therefore it can be used for both long and short necked bottles. This function makes it unique on the market today.

Active versions:
1325-2013 CAPSURE 4R RF SLS
1325-2113 CAPSURE 4R AM SLS
1325-4114 CAPSURE 2R RF SLS
1325-4214 CAPSURE 2R AM SLS

  • Product code: B018
  • Frequency: AM,RF
  • Dimension: 41x60x75 mm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Lock: Super
  • Packing: 28x28x37cm,100pcs/ctn,6.5kgs/ctn
  • Información del Producto
  • Información del Producto

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