CE33103 / CE33110 Fairy

  • Product code: CE33103
  • Frequency: 865-868MHz
  • Dimension: 68×26 mm/2.68×1.02 in
  • Información del Producto
  • Información del Producto

    Acerca de este producto

    The Jewely Label is designed for jewelry and small items applications where the tag may be in close proximity to small metal or metallic coated objects. 

    Material: Coated paper/SP/PET/ Thermal Direct
    Mount way: Hanging
    Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C & EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
    Read Range(ERP 2W): Fixed: Up to 4 m (13 feet) / HHT: Up to 2 m (6 feet)
    Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃


    • Small form factor, non-near field read tag offers extensive application for small items in retail

    • Tuned for metal and cosmetics and less influenced by metallic surface

    • Latest generation Monza R6 features and performance

    • Rapid programming of serialized tags and excellent read/write performance

    • Passive tag, EPC Class 1 Gen2 compatible

    • Easily compatible with direct thermal printer/programmers

    • Customized pre-printing artwork, barcode and QR code for easy deployment

    Use Case

    Jewelry Tagging, Small Items in Retail, Cosmetics etc.


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