CE39004 RFID Alarming cable blinktag

  • Product code: CE39004
  • Frequency: 860-960MHZ(GS)
  • Dimension: 62x34x16.5mm
  • Color: White,Customized
  • Información del Producto
  • Información del Producto

    Acerca de este producto

    This alarming RFID Cable Tag is designed for merchandise like high end garments, bags, shoes offering more secure and graceful security solutions for the displayed merchandise without any damage to the goods. 

    Read Range(Fixed reader with power -33dbm): RFID:up to 5m 


    • Long read range 

    • 2 Alarm functions. Alarms when damaged and alarms when detected by RFID antenna

    • 3 years battery life time



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